Child Care Software

Child Care Software for data management allows child care programs to easily enter, store, sort, access and report on a wide range of information and data. Software allows programs to maintain child enrollment information, including family and contact information, child history, medical and other health records, emergency, and authorized pick-up information electronically, making it easier to update child and family information and dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on reporting. Many of the programs also integrate e-mail, a big plus as more and more, parents are communicating with programs via e-mail.

These programs are useful for tracking attendance and maintaining schedules for both, the children enrolled, and for staff. The sophistication levels of the programs vary from simple attendance sheets to systems that allow parents and staff to sign in and out electronically. Many child care programs are now using software that allows them the offer parents the convenience of online registration.

If you are an employer, these products can help track staff education and training information as well as other employee data. Of course, there are also many accounting software programs available to help you with payroll. Usually, software programs will manage tuition and billing as well. Like attendance and scheduling software, these programs also vary in levels of sophistication and capabilities. Many agencies also administer the child care food program on-line.

Most child care software comes with a wide variety of standard reports that can be generated. Some come with the ability to create custom reports depending upon what type of data you need. There are many products out there. If you are thinking about purchasing one, I would definitely recommend doing your homework and researching them to ensure that you find a program that meets your needs, without being overly complicated or expensive.

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