Finding Child Care Can be Overwhelming.
But it Doesn’t Have to Be.

Finding child care that is high quality and the best fit for their child is perhaps one of the most important decisions a parent can make. But, parents often feel overwhelmed and frustrated when looking for child care. And it’s no wonder! There are so many options, all in varying degrees of quality, affordability and accessibility; a parent could easily spend months looking for the perfect provider. And then… there is the issue of paying for it. It is my hope that this site will help make the process a little easier for parents.

When it comes to choosing child care, there are many issues to consider. You want to find a program that is safe and that you can trust. But, also that fits your family’s individual needs. There are many different types of programs you might want to consider.

So many options! And each program may have different philosophies on how children learn, offer different activities and benefits, have different language capacity, different environments…The list goes on. Here are some things to look for regardless of where you are hoping to find care, and some questions you will want to ask each provider.

Interview a lot of providers. Visit the programs. Take your time. Finding the right program can be a lengthy process, but you want to find the perfect child care program for you and your child. Getting it right the first time around will save both you and your child much grief and undue stress.

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