Marketing Your Child Care
Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.

Marketing your family child care can be done for very little expense. Let’s start with the basics:

The 4 P’s of Marketing

Product: What are the features and benefits of your child care program? Remember, features describe what your program offers, while benefits tell clients how the program will help them and their children.

Price: Have you set your rates at a price that will cover your expenses without going over what parents can afford? Are there any programs or subsidies you can access to help cover the cost of providing quality care?

Place: Do you know the demographics of the neighborhood? How many other licensed family child care providers, centers or license exempt providers are there in your neighborhood? What services do they offer and at what price? How accessible are you? Are you near a freeway or main transit route? What public transportation lines are you on or near?

Promotion: What marketing strategies are going to be most effective for you, and how can you implement a marketing strategy on a budget.

The 4P's of Marketing Handout
The 4P's of Marketing Handout - Spanish

A couple important things to consider when it comes to marketing your child care:

Always include your license number on all marketing materials.

Get written consent from parents before using pictures of children in marketing your child care.

Website Today, parents are working, shopping, taking classes and playing on-line. It only makes sense that they would also be looking for child care on-line. To be effective today, your marketing strategy must include an on-line presence, whether you are a small family child care business or a multi-million dollar corporation.

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to develop your own website. Trinalyse Hosting offers domain registration, web hosting, e-mail accounts and easy to use design tools at a very affordable price.

If you need a website but don't want to do it yourself, Nakali Designs can do it for you .

Logo Your logo allows your business to be easily recognized. It should be used on all of your marketing materials, including business cards, letterhead, brochures and website. If you don’t have a logo, I highly recommend creating one. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; you could even ask a family member to design one for you. Marketing your child care is much more effective when you have a logo that allows parents to easily identify you.

Business Cards You should always have business cards with you ready to hand out to prospective clients, and it is a good idea to make sure the parents already in your program have some as well. I recommend getting a nice, sturdy card stock from Office Max or some other office supply store and printing your own business cards. It costs pennies a card and you can print about 20 at a time. There is nothing worse than having to throw out a box of 250 business cards because you changed e-mail, or you need to make some other change.

Marketing your child care is not something you do just when you have an opening and need to enroll children. You need to be marketing on an on-going basis.

Inexpensive Marketing Strategies for Family Child Care Providers Handout
Marketing Materials Handout
Marketing Materials Handout - Spanish

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