Child Care Resources, Programs
and Regulations in Mississippi


Mississippi State Department of Health

Child Care Facilities Licensure

P.O. Box 1700 Jackson, MS 39215-1700 143 B Lefleurs Square Jackson, MS 39211

Phone: 601-364-2827 / Toll Free: 866-489-8734 (complaint line)

Resource and Referral Agencies

Mississippi Child Care Resource and Referral Network

MSU Extension Service, School of Human Sciences

P.O. Box 9746 Mississippi State University, MS 39762

Phone: 662-325-3083 / Toll Free: 866-706-8827


Mississippi Department of Human Services

Office for Children and Youth

Child Care assistance

750 North State Street Jackson, MS 39202

Phone: 601-359-4555 / Toll Free: 800-877-7882

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