Child Care Resources, Programs
and Regulations in Missouri


Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Section for Child Care Regulation

3418 Knipp Drive, Suite F P.O. Box 570 Jefferson City, MO 65102

3418 Knipp Drive, Suite F Jefferson City, MO 65109

Phone: 573-751-2450

Resource and Referral Agencies

Missouri Child Care Resource and Referral Network

Area Offices

1000 Executive Parkway Drive, Suite 103 St. Louis, MO 63141

Phone: 314-535-1458 / Toll Free: 800-200-9017


Department of Social Services Children's Division

Early Childhood and Prevention Services

615 Howerton Court P.O. Box 88 Jefferson City, MO 65103-0088

Phone: 573-751-6793

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